Friday, 31 May 2013

Gower Revisited

Did a flying solo visit to the Gower again last week.  Beautiful as ever, chock full of memories that are, well, good.  Managed to squeeze in one of my favourite walks from Cym Ivy through Whiteford Burrows to the (seemingly) forgotten beach of Whiteford Sands.

Expanse, solitude, contentment and peace.  For 2 hours at least.

I was in the Gower for my sister's wedding.  I was charged with finding a poem to read out during the small ceremony.  I couldn't find one suitable, so decided to write one instead.

I know it's a bit cheesey but for my sister and I it throws a net around what the Gower means to us.

Gower, May 2013

Some of us know the power of the Gower to mesmerise
The heart and soul with its majestic skies,
Its hills and woods and arching sands;
It welcomes the Atlantic like an outstretched hand.

Here we lay new memories, over those forged in the past.
From Caswell Bay on the sunniest day to Burry Holmes when overcast.
Over the Causeway towards Worm’s Head,
Then turning back for lunch instead.

Precious new memories from Cwm Ivy and Llanmadoc.
Up Rhossili Down, catching breath on a rock,
Walking through the pines to a forgotten beach
Towards the lighthouse, just beyond reach.

There is enough time here, and enough space
To transport the mind to a happier place.
To imbue yourself with whatever you’re seeing,
To relax and focus on simply being.

Here, at Pitton, at Whitsun, I’ve written an ode
To mark the commitment of love bestowed.
To express a love of this place, and these two,
I, for one, must say “I do”.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Manchester buildings and architecture

Whilst working in Manchester recently, has a couple of hours to walk around Manchester city centre.  Fantastic city with brilliant architecture.  The juxtaposition of styles is wonderful.

My favourite is the Daily Express Building, on Great Ancoats Street:

This amazing looking building was designed by Sir Owen Williams and was built in 1939.  Yes, 1939. Its style is futurist Art Deco and was Grade II listed in 1974.

The avant guard facade is clad in opaque and vitrolite glass.

Just superb.

Here are some abstracts from it:

I have more interesting buildings from Manchester, but they'll have to wait until next time.  I have to go and buy provisions.  I have a dog that has been fed nothing but cat food for two days and is decidedly hacked off about it.