Monday, 23 May 2016

Abbot's Way in May

I decided to do a solo Abbot's Way walk, as you do.  Strictly speaking it's not solo as Cosmo was my walking buddy.  The conversation got a bit one sided towards the end though.

So, I started 6:30am this morning from Tavistock and finished at 4pm at Buckfast Abbey.  9.5 hours and a little over 21 miles.  I didn't take my camera (it's amazing how weight-conscious you become at the prospect of lugging stuff over the moor for a day).  So I only have a few phone-snaps to share.  Be happy I haven't included a picture of my blister.  It's a doozy.

Early sun-beams on Whitchurch Common

View over West Devon near Hollow Tor

Merrivale Bridge

View to Staple Tors

Avon Valley
Old Clapper near Cross Furzes
Abbot's Way off the Moor & into Bluebells

Buckfast Abbey