Monday, 15 December 2014

Grey Wethers - Double Stone Circles on Dartmoor

Near Sittaford Tor, north of Postbridge lie two Bronze Age stone circles that sit adjacent to each other.  Erected about 3500 years ago, they were 'restored' in 1909 and many feel that it was not done well.

However, I have to say that they present an impressive sight and provoke many questions.  Excavations revealed a thick layer of charcoal indicating repetitive fires within them, probably part of a ritualistic ceremony performed by our ancestors.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Sharp Tors and Blunt Houses in Dartmoor's Wilderness

Trekked around Hare Tor, Doe Tor, Chat Tor and the rather splendid, if rather commonly named, Sharp Tor on Dartmoor.  Between the squalls and hail it was a nice day.

I then found the old Tinners' Building at Wheal Frederick on the Doetor Brook.

A beautiful place, very bleak but peaceful.  The ruins show a water-wheel pit and where the water was laundered into the biggest buddle I've seen.

Human history crumbling into the wild landscape.