Wednesday, 30 October 2013

More storm waves and rocks around Constantine & Trevose

I rather like this one; another shot of the Trevose lighthouse in stormy waves, but with a black and white friendly sky..

And, another view of the cliffs:

Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with monochrome?  I'm actually finding joy in taking photographs again after 16 years of commercial photography.

A dear school friend once implied that I only take photographs of rocks and water.  Hmm.  I'm beginning to think she may be right.  Although I do like trees too.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Storm clouds at Treyarnon Bay

After a stormy day, the clouds put on a show at Treyarnon Bay.

Got absolutely soaked for the second time today, photographing the impending hailstorm.  The "I think we should get back now" was a little too late.  My pom pom hat will never be the same again.

Trevose and Constantine after the storm

The big storm passed through last night.  I didn't see it from under my duvet, but I heard it!

Walked around Dinas Head at Trevose again.  More fabulous waves but with better visibility.  The clouds everywhere were great - brooding and brewing up a downpour.

Breaks in the clouds gave some spectacular natural lighting effects:

Walking back towards Booby's Bay, the waves were amazing and beautiful.  Stormy skies and seas with a splash of sun..

I love this one.  The waves were probably nearly 20 foot high.  You can just see our cottage in the distance.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Huge Swell at Trevose Head

Near to Treyarnon, the lighthouse at Trevose head gives some idea of scale for the massive waves coming ashore.

This is me and Cosmo watching the swell, waiting for the best shot:

One of the waves..

And then a fiddle with a new ND filter, just to try something different:

Lastly, the view towards Booby's Bay (yes, really), from Trevose Head.

The water was absolutely mesmerising. The wind, however, was relentless and strong.  Feel luffed beyond imagination.

Storm passes through tonight.  Let's see what's left in the morning.

Until then, goodnight.

Treyarnon Bay - before the storm

Staying at Treyarnon Bay as usual for the October half term.  One of my favourite places on the planet. Only this time, there's a really big storm coming and truth be told, I'm very excited about it!  Waves are forecast to be up to 26 foot!!  I mean, "shut up!"  That really is, well, awesome.

The waves and wind are starting to pick up already, but this morning was lovely and calm:

But you can tell the storm is coming...

I'm off out now, with some rope to tie myself to a cliff top bench so I can get some more wave shots....  There's also a foam shower that looks like weird snow.

Watch this space....

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tavistock Goose Fair 2013 - funfair time again...

October brings the Goose Fair to Tavistock, along with the funfair.  Always good for a few shots of bright colourful things, I went along and tried not to look too nerdy with my tripod.  I failed.

Anyway, some photographs of the fair on Friday night.

Looks like a scary desk fan to me.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New York at Night Time - a City that Never Sleeps

Here are a few more shots from my trip to the Big Apple.  Night time in New York is spectacular and scary simultaneously.

I must add though, that although all the normal precautions were taken, I did not feel threatened at all; the subways and streets were clean and the NYPD and other uniforms were everywhere, but not in an intimidating way.  Better than London, I'm afraid.

Anyway, for the magpies amongst you:

New York at Night - the lights of Times Square illuminate the skyscrapers
New York at Night - the lights of Times Square illuminate the skyscrapers

New York at Night - Bird's eye view towards the East River
New York at Night - Bird's eye view towards the East River

Times Square at Night
Times Square at Night

US flag illumination in Times Square
US flag illumination in Times Square