Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bellever, Dartmoor on a Beautiful Day

On the last splash of sunshine at Easter before the gales and rain, and I could not resist a quick walk around Bellever Tor and Laughter Tor.  One of my favourite places; Cosmo's too, as he met Luna the lovely labrador retriever again!  "Cosmo's Moon!"  (Anyone remember "Moonstruck"?  Anyone? Oh well.)

A few images:

Trees at Bellever - Many of these have gone with the winter storms

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Great Links Tor, Dartmoor

I revisited the great Great Links Tor yesterday on what looked to be the last nice day for a while.  I was looking for tinner's caches and broken crosses whilst taking in Sourton Tors, Gren Tor, Little Links and Great Links Tors.

This tor is spectacular and truly monumental.

Great Links Tor Panorama

Great Links Tor  
Great Links Tor 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Fur Tor and Cut Hill - Dartmoor's at its Most Remote

So, today on my solo trek to Fur Tor and Cut Hill I walked into the most remote part of Dartmoor; the high plateau of peat bog that feeds the Tavy Head, Walkham Head, Cowsic Head and West Dart Head.

Did I mention it was boggy?

This trip to Fur Tor in particular now means that:

(1)  I have now walked up ALL the 155 tors on Dartmoor (named on OS map and publicly accessible) for my book.

(2)  I walked c 17km today, mostly over peat hags, bog and tussocks of purple moor grass.  Did I mention the bog?

(3)  I will walk like a spanner tomorrow.