Saturday, 7 February 2015

Cold, Blue Sheep on Dartmoor

Fffreezing it was; the wind chill must have been -10°C.  Thought I could cross Fox Tor mire on frozen ground, how wrong I was.  Does that place never freeze fully?  The dogs were walking over the ice that was bending - the bog below was still liquid and doubly dangerous.

Having abandoned that walk I then trudged along the ridge to trip over Cramber Tor (not very impressive really).

Still, I saw some funky blue sheep, so that was worth while then:

Note the symmetry of the blue... (or is it just me?)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Dartmoor Tundra at Hollow Tor and North Hessary Tor

Dartmoor has changed its winter coat to white at the moment, and it is beautiful.

There is a fierce wind that gives a wind chill of about -9°C.  It blows the fine snow around into drifts and tapers.  For a while at least it looks like the arctic tundra it once was.