Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sunrise over Tavistock from Barn Hill

A beautiful sunrise on Dartmoor.  Firstly, the mist around North Hessary gave the appearance of flames for a firey sunrise, then the view over Tavistock was calm.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wild Camp on Dartmoor - Blanket Bog and Golden Light

The weather on Monday was glorious, with the promise of more on Tuesday morning.  That did it for me - a solo wild camp on Dartmoor was on.  (One of the benefits of being self-employed - I can massage my working hours.)

Cosmo & I camped by the East Dart River near Sandy Hole Pass, having hiked up to Flat Tor and experienced the delights of blanket bog.

The Dartmoor Mires Project is currently monitoring restoration work up there.  It is not an easy place to walk through.

Anyway, a lovely camp and back to Postbridge after watching the sunrise.  25km in all.

The golden light on the hills was breathtaking.  A few shots:

Dartmoor Mires Project Area

Sunrise in the East Dart River Valley

Morning sunlight skims the hills

Sunlight starts to warm up the day

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Combestone Tor, Dartmoor - Morning Light and the Treasures of the O Brook

Snuck in a walk all around Combestone Tor this morning, after nearly veering off the road whilst looking at the amazing slithers of fog that were floating around the moor in the morning light.  (I swear my vehicular comeuppance will be from gazing at nature's wonders or when a spider decides to abseil from the car ceiling into my face.)

Combestone has to be the most accessible tor on Dartmoor, but it's a good one; great rock basins and loads archaeological history all around it.

A colour photograph of the tor (unusually for me - it really was like that.  Beautiful.)

Combestone Tor, Dartmoor - Morning Sunlight

A more conventional photograph, at least for me...

Walked down the O Brook to the amazing blowing houses at Week Ford.  I've never seen so many fantastic mortar stones (at least 16 basins).

O Brook near Week Ford

Mortar Stone from tin stamp at Week Ford Blowing House