Friday, 29 March 2013

Sheep saving #2 - Harriet returns

Unbelievable!  Harriet the hapless hedge hugger went and got herself stuck in the hedge fence again.

I know for a fact that it's the same daft ewe; she has the same markings and distinctive dreadlocks on her side.

(I have extensive files on on all the sheep.)

Now, a very dear friend of mine who sloped off to Australia to live assures me that merino sheep are bumping along the bottom of the sheep IQ barrel, but now I have proof!  Coryton sheep are even stupider!!  And no, I didn't find Harriet myself and insert her into the fence to take a picture.

Anyway, my implements (mmm) enabled her freedom and off she went.

And so, safe in the knowledge that Harriet has learnt her lesson, I am off to seek the snow in Austria....

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sheep saving

I managed  to save a sheep this morning.  I noticed a ewe in the field adjacent to our house that was next to the fence yesterday and then again this morning in the same spot.  I thought it must be caught up in the barbed wire and so went round with various implements (nice word that) and managed to persuade her to stay still whilst I freed her.  Her head was truly stuck through the fence; she must have been desperately trying to reach a nicer bit of food.  Whilst I do know how that feels, I have the brains not to stick my head through a small hole to do it.

Anyway, I released her from her prison which may well have proved fatal if left, and she trotted off to the rest of the flock with a passing baaa over her shoulder.

The countryside is still looking so wan; inspiration is as droopy as the brave daffodils that slump over as if to say "so tired, just want some sun".

Don't we all?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Devon lanes wildlife hazard

I'd just finished a woodland walk with the mut and was driving back home when my way was blocked by four enormous deer wandering across the lane.  I always think it's amazing how such large wild creatures can hide away from everyday view.  Sometimes a fawn may wander through our garden, the odd fox, racing pigeon (that's another story), lamb or soppy labrador.  But these fully grown does, just down the road from us, were stunning.  I could only zoom in on my iPhone, so the shot is poor I know.  Will try better next time; usually I have a decent camera on me when walking.

Two deer in a Devon lane.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I few pictures for my dear friend in Singapore.

I don't think it's just me, but the snowdrops this year are amazing.  So many, so bright, so welcome!

I couldn't resist a few shots:
They are from the genus "Galanthus" which comes from the Greek for "milk flower".  Pretty.

After an unfortunate DTC (dog traffic collision) a head came off and I had a go at capturing that milkiness: