Monday, 25 March 2013

Sheep saving

I managed  to save a sheep this morning.  I noticed a ewe in the field adjacent to our house that was next to the fence yesterday and then again this morning in the same spot.  I thought it must be caught up in the barbed wire and so went round with various implements (nice word that) and managed to persuade her to stay still whilst I freed her.  Her head was truly stuck through the fence; she must have been desperately trying to reach a nicer bit of food.  Whilst I do know how that feels, I have the brains not to stick my head through a small hole to do it.

Anyway, I released her from her prison which may well have proved fatal if left, and she trotted off to the rest of the flock with a passing baaa over her shoulder.

The countryside is still looking so wan; inspiration is as droopy as the brave daffodils that slump over as if to say "so tired, just want some sun".

Don't we all?

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