Friday, 14 June 2013

Good bye to the Bluebells

They've been stunning this year; and obviously love being drenched for 12 months before making an appearance.  As they take their bow, along with the wild garlic, here are a few views: one from Leigh Woods near Bristol and the others in Meldon Woods near Okehampton.

Path through bluebells in Meldon Woods, Okehampton

Bluebells in Meldon Woods, Okehampton

Wild garlic in Leigh Woods, Bristol

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  1. These two serene shots evokes a sense of amazement at how Nature thrives & flourishes without care and yet I fail to be able to nurture a plant for beyond a month despite my fussing over it. Perhaps I should heed the underlying message and take it out of it's pot & let it free.
    Absolutely stunning shots which arouses the auditory sense as well. Thank you, Josephine
    Anushia xx


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