Friday, 27 September 2013

"New York, New York. It's a Wonderful Town"

The song was in my head (from one of my favourite musicals) as I tramped the streets of New York.  My eyes were wide and my neck was aching taking in the sheer scale of the place.  Thrilling, with a sensory overload that left you wanting more.

I absolutely loved New York.  We were there for a week and it was, well, awesome. (Sorry, I know the work is overused, but I think I'm allowed it here.)

Some photos to illustrate:

New York cityscape from the Rockerfeller Centre

New York Broadway

A view from the New York High Line showing a mural of the famous photo from Times Square on VJ Day

The Beloved Chrysler Building - still one of the best

View of Manhatten from the Staten Island Ferry

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