Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Newton Abbot Town Quay Bridge - Marketing Photographs

A recent commission saw me hovering at dusk beneath the new cycle and footbridge over the River Teign that links Kingsteignton to Newton Abbot.

A marketing company needed a super-high resolution photograph of the bridge at dusk for a whole-wall mural inside an office.

This is what a Hasselblad does best - 39 megapixels goes a long way.  Only problem is the noise - low light levels play havoc with signal-to-noise-ratios.  The answer is to shoot multiple exposures (about 6), stack the layers then adjust opacities incrementally.  That takes care of random noise.  What's left is then painstakingly removed in Photoshop.  Hours of pain.

The end result is a really big image that can be splattered over a big wall and still look good, not that you can tell from the tiddler I've attached below:

Newton Abbot Town Quay Bridge and River Teign at Dusk

Newton Abbot Town Quay Bridge at Dusk

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