Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Grenofen - A Walk in the Woods by the River Walkham on Summer's Day

It's been a bit too hot for hearty treks up tors of late, so a shady glade was called for and Grenofen, Devon always fits the bill.

One of my favourite places; old mixed deciduous woodland littered with old mine-workings, leats, kilns and little chimneys, all by the majestic River Walkham.

Perfect on a hot sunny day for a black lab who needs to stretch his legs and then cool down in the river.

Did you know that it is so much cooler under trees than under man-made shade as the trees are transpiring (losing water from their leaves during photosynthesis) so that the air is cooled as it evaporates?  I know you did, I was just checking.  Also, the leaves reflect nearly all the thermal infra-red of sunlight so perhaps they don't absorb so much heat.

Anyway, it's all enough to make you want to say 'Thank You'.

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