Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tavistock Goose Fair 2014 - The Funfair Returns

It comes around quickly doesn't it?  No sooner does the yellow grease chalk marks fade from the pavements, they are renewed for the Goose Fair stallholders again.

As before we shied away from Goose Fair proper (unlike the rain), except for spinning around the temporary one-way systems in Tavistock on a mad dash to taxi offspring from one destination to another, fortified with en route pasties.

No, we waited until the weekend before venturing into the world of bright colourful lights spinning around airbrushed images of 1980s movie stars and accompanied by musak and robotic DJ invitations to ride.

It seemed quiet this year...

Still, out came the tripod, camera and anorak for a few more photographs of blurred lines:

Tavistock - Goose Fair Funfair next to River Tavy

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