Thursday, 15 January 2015

Snow at Last on Dartmoor - Belstone and Winter Awaits

A decent dumpette on the moors, together with a bit of sun; nothing could keep me away...

I managed to squeeze 5 miles on the snow before having to go to work.  Winter Tor in winter was the main draw, followed by Belstone Tors, Higher Tor, Scarey Tor.

The air felt surgically clean and bracing, with a cold wind that found the merest chink in my wool armour.

Winter Tor, Dartmoor in Snow

Snow Driven Rocks on Belstone Tors, Dartmoor

Backlit Snow at Cullever Steps, Dartmoor

BTW, why is it that my dog feels that he has to check out every scene I want to photograph by going ahead and leaving his stamp of paw prints and other bodily actions?  It's like he actually knows...

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