Monday, 9 March 2015

Fox Tor and Childe's Tombe on Dartmoor

A finally managed to get to Fox Tor recently, my first visit, having negotiated around the edge of the infamous Fox Tor Mire (inspiration for Conan Doyle's 'Grimpen Mire').

An interesting feature of Fox Tor is the so-called "Mammoth's Skull" (Named as such by Eric Hemery).  It's actually two adjacent rock basins on a toppled slab, but looks at first glance like the eye sockets of a, well, mammoth:

Nearby is Childe's Tombe, supposed to mark the place where Childe, a Saxon Hunter, was stranded in a terrible storm.  In an attempt to survive, he disemboweled his horse and climbed inside.  Unfortunately it was not enough to save him.  Grim.

That's it for today, folks - enough of eye sockets, skulls and disemboweled horses...

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