Saturday, 4 June 2016

White Tor and Langstone Stone Circle on Dartmoor

Weather doesn't get much better than this; a pleasantly warm air temperature, light breeze and fabulous sky.  Dartmoor looks like a picnic rug in this.  It's all deep blues and greens, not much yellow or brown in May and early June.  Wondrous.  I've even kept my photographs in colour to prove the point. (mostly)
So, up the Smeardown Down track and a quick glance back at the green and pleasant land.

Then on to Setters Tor.

Another glance back along to Boulters Tor.

Finally a sunny stroll to the Langstone Menhir and Langstone Stone Circle.

These were both used as target practice during the Second World War.  The menhir has bullet holes in it still and the stone circle (previously restored in the 19th century) has been shattered; bits of standing stones lie around broken stumps.  Heartbreaking.

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