Wednesday, 11 July 2012

"But let us begin"

... a quote from John F Kennedy from his inaugural address in January 1961 seems appropriate.  You have to begin somehwere, no matter what the task, so here it is.

I hereby initiate the blog of Tavicinity by offering a few photographs to break the ice.


The River Walkham near Grenofen  - from Vicinity Websites

The Walkham gives a beautiful location for those who love trees, water and dogs that love to swim.


Just as a reminder that, whilst we languish in what is probably going to be the wettest English summer since the history of Man, we use to enjoy sunshine of such brilliance, the colours would almost hurt.

Brentor Church, Devon  - from Vicinity Websites

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  1. Brentor Church or St Michael de Rupe, sits on a volcanic plug from an early Carboniferous basaltic volcano. It was a submarine volcano that extruded basalt lava over the sedimentary rocks of the sea bed.


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