Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Just part of the job - Fording the River Exe

I've been photographing the beautiful area that is Exmoor recently.  I've known Dartmoor for years and haven't spent that much time in Exmoor; I'd forgotten its loveliness.  It's rather like a condensed version of Dartmoor with more trees.  Lots more trees.

Anyway, I had some fun driving off road around a shooting estate.  I crossed this river a couple of times and recorded one on my iPhone.

It's SO disappointing when I look at it again! The 2-3 ft water was lapping at the top of my old Land Rover Discovery bonnet, but you don't get to see that.  Indeed it looks a little pathetic.  Here it is, anyway:

I was granted an audience with the sun on that day.  Not sure why I like this image; I'm always drawn to trees and abstracts, but the softness was inviting.

Exmoor hedgebank - from Vicinity Websites

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