Monday, 15 October 2012

Tavistock Goose Fair

Well, Tavistock's annual Goose Fair has come and gone, and the fairground has left Bedford car park.  Whether you like it or not (like the Curate's egg) it is good in parts.  For the kids though it's "awesome"!

We ventured into the funfair again this year, although yours truly did not venture on any rides.  I shall tell you why.  Last year the fairground caught me in a particularly vibrant mood so I decided to go on loads of rides, culminating in Freak Out.  Now, I was always one for cool rides, but going on that one was the first time in my life that I thought, "**%$!" I REALLY hate this!  I clung on for dear life trying to keep my face in a medium grimace of coolness, as I was surrounded by teenagers and pre-teens (how humiliating is THAT?) enjoying themselves.  My insides were transported to a parallel universe with an iou pinned in their place.

That, together with the barrel ride thingy where the floor drops away, reconfigured my brain fluids so that I was dizzy and ill for 3 weeks.  And so, age has caught up and I discovered my "ceiling" for scary rides rather too effectively.

Thus, I simply watch, get scabbed for cash by my kids and take photographs, looking like a nerd, but I don't care.

Here are some of my shots:

Funfair at night in Tavistock 2012

Funfair at night in Tavistock 2012

Oxygen at Fairground in Tavistock 2012

Oxygen at Fairground in Tavistock 2012

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