Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Autumn Colour Party is upon us!

This incredible foliage is clinging to the back of my house.  The colours are outrageous and zingy.

Climbing Hydrangea near Tavistock

I adore the natural graduation from green to yellow.  Hmm good website banner maybe?

And this one just makes me think that Christmas is rapidly approaching:

Climbing Hydrangea and Cotoneaster near Tavistock

I found a few words for Autumn:


The Autumn Artist's palette is fresh with fiery colour,
Like from the heavens, fallen powders
Are sprinkled over weary trees.
Their colours deepen and alter
As the rain brushes over their tender leaves.
And in the light that shines before dusk
Globules of sunshine hang from their tips,
They drip into sun-shaped fleeces
That lie beneath their pillars.
And when this chorus of colour has finished its song,
And the sun-drops drip no more,
The magic flies from these golden fleeces,
And later returns in frozen flakes when the season's change is over.

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