Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gower Peninsular, Wales

Stayed in Llanmadoc again and revisited haunts of my youth.  The Gower is a wonderful place; beautiful, sometimes wild, but with a friendly pub never too far away.

The weather was dry-ish (hoorah!) but I still think of Llanmadoc as Llanmuddy.

Here's Rhossili Bay.  Location of a million memories:

Rhossili Bay towards Burry Holms
View from the top:

Rhossili Bay and Worm's Head

I also love Whiteford Burrows and sands; walking through teletubby land covered in pine trees and then emerging onto a sweeping forgotten beach that yields amazing shells and driftwood.

Here are some shots of it earlier this year:

Whiteford Burrows, Llandmadoc

Whiteford Sands on the Gower

Finally, Whiteford Lighthouse.

Whiteford Lighthouse is the last remaining cast iron lighthouse in the UK.  It is half a mile from the shore and only accessible on very low tides.  It's really cool.  All barnacley.  It was deactivated in the 1920s.
Whiteford Lighthouse in the Buff
Whiteford Lighthouse on the mussel beds

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