Monday, 21 January 2013

Undo! Undo!

Don't you wish that there was an "undo" command function for life?  You know the second you've done something that you wish you hadn't; hindsight doesn't even come in to it.  Undo!  Oh please undo! cmd+U! or for those with PCs, ctrl+Z!

I went up onto Dartmoor yesterday afternoon with family and friends for a bit of sledging.  I went on the 2 foot diameter plastic  "Disk of Doom".  A fast and uncontrolled descent into a very hard bank then flipping over resulted in a severely sprained ankle and dignity bruised beyond recognition.

The snow was rubbish too.  Why did I do it?  Oh, Undo.

Derriford hospital A&E was brilliant and it seems that I missed breaking my ankle by a whisker.  A relief, yes, but it still hurts like *%$* and is swollen so much it looks like a stick has swallowed a melon.  I can't even walk on it, so getting around is a farce.

I wonder if there's an app for the Omega 13 device.  I could use that.

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