Sunday, 23 February 2014

Belstone in a Crack of Sunshine

Belstone, on the northern edge of Dartmoor, is a lovely Dartmoor village and on Saturday there was a sufficiently long break in the awful weather to warrant a walk up Belstone and surrounding tors.

This weather is, frankly, depressing and any chink in its omnipresence must be embraced with gusto.

Bagged Scarey, Winter, Higher and Belstone Tors before the chink closed.  Higher Tor shows amazing sheet joints:

Higher Tor, Dartmoor

Belstone Tors show the classic smoothed granite outcrops.
Belstone Tor, Dartmoor

I have decided to create a brand new calibrated scale in the world of Geology.  Actually, to be fair, it might sit just outside of the world of Geology, but nevertheless I aim to create a definitive scale of rock "interesting-ness".  Roll your eyes by all means.

I will announce its structure and criterion shortly.  Such fun.

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