Friday, 7 February 2014

Leeden Tor, Dartmoor - Sunshine after Hail

Very nearly got stuck in a bog this morning.  Even Cosmo sunk up to nether regions.  He loves bogs though; once out he darted around in circles splashing just for fun.  Meanwhile I'm regretting taking the shortcut towards Leeden Tor from Leather Tor.  Wielding my walking poles, I'm prodding the pretence of ground around my sinking tussock with a hint of panic whilst the dog just plays.

Only a fool thinks they can cross a bog unscathed in waterproof boots.  As Mother Nature is my witness, I am that fool.  My boots are wet.  And my socks.

Still, Leeden Tor was rather photogenic I thought.  Here are a couple of photographs for my black and white Dartmoor Tors series:

Leeden Tor on Dartmoor

Leeden Tor looking towards Sharpitor on Dartmoor

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