Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Four Seasons in one Day on Dartmoor

Did a 9 mile walk around western Dartmoor on Sunday.  We had rain, hail, snow and sunshine along with 40 mph winds.  Very soggy bogs and dogs made for a squelchy time for all.  "Trudge" is actually onomatopoeic I've discovered.  Still, great enjoyment.

There was squall after squall of snow and hail showers; this shows Sharp and Hare Tors between squalls:

Sharp and Hare Tors, Dartmoor

At Ger Tor above Tavy Cleave, the sun shone ad gave the best view of the Cleave I've seen:

Tavy Cleave from Ger Tor, Dartmoor

I popped a panorama on the iPhone too:

iPhone panorama of Tavy Cleave from Ger Tor, Dartmoor

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