Sunday, 16 February 2014

Water Coming Out of the Ground

Today, Sunday 16th February, sees Devon waking up to clear skies and SUNSHINE!  A brief respite to the unhinged weather we have had for, like, forever.

There is water everywhere; the ground is saturated and springs abound on Dartmoor; here's one on White Tor.  You can see the bubble of water emerging by the rock.

Spring erupting from White Tor, near Peter Tavy.

Now, do want to here an anecdote of pure irony about this weather and our particular predicament?  Of course you do...

Well, we live in an area with no mains water which means we have a borehole.

Our borehole pump stopped working so that we now have no water!  There is water all around but none in our house.  We are probably the only family using buckets to bring water IN to the house, rather than bailing it out.

Over the weekend we have had to bucket-up water from the old 1930s well and carry it to our storage tank so that we can get water in the taps for a bit.

Who'd've thought it eh?

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